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The Interspacial

a shifting space between the seconds

drifting on a quiet tide

glittering, soft and gold, it beckons

the interspacial is your guide

Welcome to the Interspacial!

Here you'll find stories, creatures, worldbuilding, and more. The site isn't quite formatted for mobile just yet, so it works best on desktop! Poke around and have fun, and thank you for stopping by.

What is the Interspacial?

The Interspacial is the space behind space, a monochrome echo of reality where all things are connected by glimmering golden threads. It's a quiet, calm place, and entire galaxies exist in the interspacial that can't be observed or interacted with in normal space.

Rumour has it that if you search hard enough, you can find slumbering gods, deep within ancient nebulae with pulsars for hearts and glittering stardust in their veins.

The universe is vast and cold, but still there exists kindness waiting for you to find it.

Stars Shine, traveller

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